We Rescue Big Dogs, Dogs Who Think They're Big and Cats!

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity BDR. Folks, she is a great dog and just incredibly smart. She is going to be a fantastic dog! "

on behalf of

On Behalf Of...

In loving memory of James Pearlman, from Marsha Pearlman

Donation made in memory of Sparkles and honor of Tiffany, from James Cordero

We are so happy your organization found our dog, Murphy, the best dog in the world! Thank you! Donors: Brett & Laura Ketcham.

In memory of Sassy. Donor: Arlene Johnson.

We have had Sasha for 1 year now and she/we could not be happier. She is the most loving, caring dog - keeps us laughing every day. Thank you! Donor: Debbie Mast.

In honor of my beloved Cookie, the only foster dog I kept for myself. I miss her so so much. Donor: Gail Wells.

Five years ago Bonnie Peters was a pound dog on death's door step. Bonnie is healthy and happy and loved, thanks to Big Dog Rescue. Donor: Jim Peters.

We are donating in loving memory of Snoopy, Simba, Angie, Sam, Maggie, Lady, Toby, Shorty, Tiger, and Rachael, and in honor of all the Big Dog foster parents who work so hard. Donors: Linda and Jim Guy

Given in honor of Chloe, Grace and Roscoe. In memory of Cako, Muffi, BoBo, Sophie, Shabin, BeBop, Newton, Sasha, Helga and Smokey; Donors: Charles & Pamela Roberts

I got my Russian blue cat from Big Dog Rescue 2 years ago. His name is G.G. for Galloping Ghost. He is very sweet, happy and talkative. Donors: David & Ann Myrick.

Given in memory of Lockjaw. Donors: Linda B. Roberts, Lockjaw was the bulldog of Scott & Sha Maddox and their children Jack and Denver.

We adopted our precious Yancy from BDR and he has added more joy and love to our lives than we could every have hoped for. He never meets a strangera nd loes everybody. Thank you BDR for rescuing so many animals and for making so many people happy with healthy, loving pets! Donor: Shellee McAllister.

This is for "Thomas". We adopted him from PetsMart (TBDR) in Sept. of 2004. He's a great addition to our family. Donor: Nancy Barnhart.

In honor of our beloved german short hair pointer: Humphrey Bogart Lee (1998-2001) and our adorable little boy - Clyde (our rescue Bassett Hound). Donors: Ron and Linda Lee.

The honor goes to what the foster parents are doing - keep up the great work!

In loving memory of our canine angels Candy, Shelby and our beautiful Black Dahlia. Donors: Marilyn & Don Nations.

Thank you Big Dog Rescue! Without you and foster mom Carol Broom we wouldn't have Mina in our lives! She is by far the sweetest and most loving dog we've ever owned. Keep up the good work. Donors: Amy & Dan Hartman.

In memory of Josephine Troop, a.k.a. "Josie" German Shepherd rescued by TBDR, loving guardian and companion, she is missed... and in honor of "Grace", also rescued by TBDR, female German Shepherd, faithful companion. Donor: Kyle Troop.


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