We Rescue Big Dogs, Dogs Who Think They're Big and Cats!

"Thank you for giving us the opportunity BDR. Folks, she is a great dog and just incredibly smart. She is going to be a fantastic dog! "

Supporting Our Efforts

Donations are tax deductible - we are a non profit organization - (TAX ID: 59-3517684) - All BDR staff are volunteers.

Money - ANY amount is better than none!
Dog Food Dry - We have many mouths to feed!
Puppy Food Dry - These guys need the special diet if possible!
Printing/Copying - We send flyers, newsletters, etc.
Kitty Litter
Small Dog Beds - Machine washable please!
Blankets/Towels/Rugs - Machine washable please!
Paper Towels
Canned Food for Dogs
Toys - Dog and Cat
Crates - Especially large ones
Any of the following: fencing material, storage shed, wood posts, boards, etc., pet medicines (Advantis, FrontLine, etc.)

Foster Homes - We are in serious need of foster homes. Many times we are forced to turn away dogs who need help just because we have no place to put them. THIS is one of our most important needs.

For any of these items, contact us, and we'll arrange for one of our volunteers to pick up your donation and provide a receipt for your tax deductible claim. Email us at info@bigdogrescue.com.


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